If you have any further questions, just give me a call or text me and I would love to help you.




How long you gonna stay with us on our wedding day?

I'm not a photographer, whou would capture just a ceremony, few shots at the park afterwards and go home. I know it sounds like cliche these days, but wedding is really a story for me. And I want to tell this story and so my services starts on 8 hrs coverage. In case of smaller family weddings we can ofcourse think about some compromise.

Are you working alone or do you have second shooter?

Honestly, I'm not a fan of this trend and working just by myself. I prefer quality over the quantity and I didn't have any issues so far.

Do you postprocess all the photos?

Sure, all of them would go through a set of adjustments and you will receive final product in full resolution and highest quality.

How many photos do we get?

One thing, that I really hate is the option and packages with variable photo amount. Every wedding is totally different and it's not not only with how many guests you have or how amazing night party you can have etc.

That is the reason why I never do a limits with photos that I deliver and you always get all of them, which get through my selection (and by that mean I discard all the duplicates, bad expressions, closed eyes, etc.)

From full day shooting usually deliver 400-600 photos. My personal record is 800 from whole day:-)

What is the delivery time?

Full gallery delivery is up to 7 weeks from the wedding day. But not to wait all the time and be consumed with curiosity, you will get in two days just some sneak peek with about 15 - 20 photos.

Do you offer prewedding shooting as well?

Oh yeah and love it! All of my clients have a possibility to have a couple session for a special price.

We love your photos, but we are not photogenic:-)

Trust me, I can hear this all the time, but the wedding shooting is really a simple thing. There is just one rule - You have to feel good during that. Because once somebody pushes you into whatever weird and not natural poses, you just cannot feel comfy and good and even the photo cannot just be ok. I love to work with people and the most I love naturalness, so you don't have to worry at all.

We can see you live in Prague, but our wedding is on different location. Will you come to us?

Yes, I live in Prague, but most of my weddings is elsewhere. And I will go to your wedding anywhere you want.

Do you like roast sirloin in sour cream? (Typical czech wedding food)

Thanks to weddings I have a chance to taste this meal anywhere and I keep enjoying this. But the best one ofcourse comes from my mum:-)

Do you really still enjoy weddings?

Sometimes I can hear this question and just laugh at it. I did never imagined to have this job, but it's really something that makes me happy. I'm living my dream, that I didn't even know I have.

Honestly, I have the best job on the world!